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Queer Reader
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Community for the Queer Reader group that meets fortnightly at NewQ in Enmore
Part book club, part queer theory discussion group and part social event for those who like to think: the Queer Reader group.

We meet fortnightly at NewQ, 22 Enmore Rd. Rather than a traditional book club that requires one to purchase a book, we put together a fortnightly "Queer Reader" from free and alternative sources, which members can access by email, via this community, or in hardcopy at NewQ. The Reader is released the alternating Friday.

One week we might discuss queer economics, another week queer portrayal in the media. We might devote one reader to more academic queer theory, another to queer bloggers, and another to current political issues with particular relevance to queers and queerness. The important constant is meeting to discuss the Reader and share our ideas and responses to that fortnight's material over a cup of tea, some snacks, or a beverage or two.

So come along! Pick up the reader or request it emailed to you, get your grey matter working, and show up to NewQ on discussion night and share your thoughts. Contribute to an intelligent and welcoming community. Everyone is welcome, and the only pre-requisites are that you are open minded and interested.

NewQ is a volunteer run community space, and a gold coin donation for our use of the space is always appreciated.